Jai Kirti Pipes JAI KIRTI A.C. Pipe Advantages

Structurally KIRTI A.C. Pressure Pipes are capable to resist a number of different forces singly or in combination, which are called upon in the field.

  1. Asbestos is stronger than steel and thermal coefficient matches with cement. It provides a homogenous microscopic three dimensional reinforcement in Asbestos Cement A.C. can thus withstand more than 15 times the water pressure than a concrete pipe of similar thickness.
  2. Durability (100 years) and it gains strength with age!!
  3. Thus safety factor increases unlike in alternatives where it reduces.
  4. Lower initial costs and longer life means cost/ year in 1/4th to 1/10th of its alternatives.
  5. Robust, thus least storage costs.
  6. Capable to withstand the transverse stress arising out of internal pressure, including water hammer (pressure surge).
  7. It has high flexural stress i.e. high crushing strength. Hence it can safely used under heavy external loads and the heavy traffic.  It can withstand backpressure even when the pipe is under vacuum.
  8. Its low coefficient of expansion, helps to counter the expansion and contraction arising out of the variations in temperature of water it carries; also the unbalanced pressure produced due to bands, and closures including gates.
  9. It is corrosion free – both chemically and electrolytically.
  10. Friction loss is low and high carrying capacity is permanently maintained, as the pipes are not subject to encrustation or tuberculation. C Value = 150. Hence considerable savings in power and cost of pumping, when compared to most other pipes.
  11. It has low thermal conductivity /excellent insulation as a result of which water conveyed by these pipes remained cool even when the ambient temperature is high.
  12. These pipes are comparatively light and are easy to handle and transport.
  13. Jointing is easy & the joints have flexibility ( up to 10 degrees in AC couplings) to obtain a satisfactory joint (unlike most alternatives)
  14. Easy & inexpensive to cut and tap and to use and maintain (Often Known as permanent and maintenance free pipes.)
  15. AC is Heat & Fire resistant.
  16. Can withstand chlorine treated drinking water and no tuberculation /erosion occurs.
  17. Excellent for Intermittent Water Supplywhere corrosion, tuberculation & erosion problems are acute. 
  18. Excellent of tropical countries.

Alternatives: weaken with age thus reducing their safety factor and durability.

  1. In concrete steel being the reinforcement, detachment and weakness develop due to varying thermal expansion of steel and cement and due to corrosion of steel.
  2. Plastics are weaker, moreover embitterment and atmospheric degradation further weakens them & reduces the life. (approx 1/4th life.)
  3. Metals: corrosion weakens with age thus reduces the life. (approx 1/4th life.)
  4. Metals with internal lining are prone to lining damage & thus acute pitting corrosion (much higher costs but approx 1/4th life).

Our Asbestos Cement Pressure Pipes are safe and Eco-Friendly.

As per data form some of these most reliable and reputed scientific organisation.

US Courts (Fifth circuit)
WHO (World Health Organisation)
UNEP (United Nations Environment Programme)
ILO (International Labour Organisation)
ISO (International Standards Organisation)
IARC (Internationally Agency for Research on Cancer)

Asbestos is a natural mineral fiber found in abundance in the earth’s crust and in the natural air and water. It’s toxicity is very low and it can be harmful only if certain sizes are airborne and inhaled in excessive amount for 15-40 years continuously. It is harmless in water, food or even to the skin. It is mined, tightly packed and transported safely in strong and leak-proof bags. These bags are emptied in a wet and closed process where it’s exposure to air is practically nil. In addition, sufficient precautions are taken to ensure safety. Asbestos used in normally less than 15% only.  Asbestos and cement being silicates form a virtually inseparable bond, thus free asbestos fibre has little possibility of becoming airborne, even if A.C. is cut or powdered.

Raw materials are primarily natural.

Even effluent pozzolona from a thermal power generation etc. can be utilized effectively.

No hazardous chemical reaction, No heating necessary, No effluents.

Very low Energy Consumption and modern indigenous machinery and process.



AC Sheet
JAI KIRTI A.C. Corrugated Sheets Advantages


The "JAI KIRTI" A.C. Cement Corrugated Sheets and allied products are safe, durable and most economical for various applications.

The products under the umbrella brand of "JAI KIRTI" are intended to create a benchmark in the category of Industrial and Housing roofing systems.


Our A.C. Cement products are Reliable, Safe and Eco-friendly, besides being much more economical, durable and energy conserving.