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LPEL is now a part of Kanoria Group of Companies. LALIT has set up an ultra-modern state-of-the-art unit for manufacture of GRP Pipes, tanks and other products made of glassfibre reinforced with unsaturated polyster resins. The company manufactures GRP pipes, tanks and silos using fully automated and computer controlled Filament Winders with internationally acclaimed Dual Helix Filament Winding Technology.

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The process used by LALIT for manufacture of GRP pipes is the world renowned Helical Filament Winding Technology, which manufactures GRP pipes in discrete lengths of 12mts.

Our Manufacturing Unit

The Filament Winding Process involves impregnation of a number of glass reinforcing strands with a polyster resin, then applying the wetted fibres to the impervious liner formed initially on the mandrel, under controlled tension in a predetermined pattern. The entire pipe manufacturing process is controlled by a computer controlled microprocessor.Silica sand if used is added during the winding process in the structural wall of the pipe to give necessary comprehensive strength, if required.

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Our GRP products are Reliable, Safe and Eco-friendly, besides being much more economical, durable and energy conserving.