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The first MAZZA A.C. Pressure Pipes Plant was installed in Gujarat in 1962. Since then, the MAZZA A.C. Pipes started dominating the segment with plants in Maksi, Aurangabad and Bhilwara. Now, many Indian states like Rajasthan, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Orissa, do specify in their tenders that A.C. Pipes should be manufactured by MAZZA process only.

By means of water, We give life to everything

We believe in providing safe and clean drinking water to everyone through our MAZZA A.C. Pressure Pipes for Drinking Water. We are currently supplying thousands of kilometres of pipes all over the country. Around the world, these pipes have been 100 years because of their low hydraulic friction. They are highly corrosion resistant and relatively lightweight, allowing long laying lengths in long lines.

Why our pipes are the most preferred by
PHED engineers?

Asbestos is stronger than steel and its thermal coefficient matches with cement. It provides a homogenous microscopic three-dimensional reinforcement in A.C. and can thus withstand more than 15 times the water pressure than a concrete pipe of similar thickness.

It has a durability of 100 years and it gains strength with age. It is robust product, having low storage costs.

It has high crushing strength. Hence it can be safely used under heavy external loads and heavy traffic.

Its low coefficient of expansion helps to counter the expansion and contraction arising out of the variations in temperature of water it carries.

It is corrosion free in terms of the chemical and electrolyte.

Friction loss is low and high carrying capacity is permanently maintained, as the pipes are not subject to encrustation or tuberculation. C Value = 150. Hence, there is considerable savings in power and cost of pumping, when compared to most other pipes.

It has excellent insulation as a result of which water conveyed by these pipes remain cool even when the ambient temperature is high. Our A.C. Pipes are also heat and fire resistant.

These pipes are comparatively light and are easy to handle and transport while being easy and inexpensive to cut and tap and to use and maintain.

It can withstand chlorine treated drinking water and no tuberculation/erosion occurs.