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Stronger than steel

Chrysotile Asbestos fibre is stronger than steel and thermal coefficient matches with cement. It provides a homogenous microscopic three dimensional reinforcement in Asbestos Cement. It can thus withstand more than 15 times the water pressure than a concrete pipe of similar thickness.

corrosion free

It is corrosion free, both chemically and electrolytically. Friction loss is low and high carrying capacity is permanently maintained, as the pipes are not subject to encrustation or tuberculation. C Value = 150. Hence, considerable savings in power and cost of pumping compared to most other pipes.

Heat & Fire resistant

It can withstand chlorine treated drinking water and no tuberculation /erosion occur to the AC pipes. Hence, this product is an excellent choice for Intermittent Water Supply where corrosion, tuberculation & erosion problems are acute. They can also be used in tropical countries.

low coefficient of expansion

Its low coefficient of expansion helps to counter the expansion and contraction arising out of the variations in temperature of water it carries; also the unbalanced pressure produced due to bands, and closures including gates.

High flexural stress

It has high flexural stress i.e. high crushing strength. Hence it can safely be used under heavy external loads and the heavy traffic. It can withstand backpressure even when the pipe is under vacuum.

least storage costs

Lower initial costs and longer life means cost/ year in 1/4th to 1/10th of its alternatives. Robust, thus least storage costs.