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Salient points on use of mazza A.C. pipes in sewage & drainage projects

These pipes are manufactured as per IS: 1592-1991 for Sewerage work (Annex-1).

CPHEEO has written the following for MAZZA A.C. Pipes for Sewerage work (Annex-2).

“In a recent process of manufacture titled MAZZA, high forming pressure of up to 80 Kg /, leading to very smooth surface and very few air pores are possible”. Though, three edge bearing test is not specified in IS: 6908-1991, however, as per the test report of M.P Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd. (M.P Government undertaking), the result of MAZZA A.C. Pipes is excellent (Annex-3).

As per report of M.P Laghu Udyog Nigam Ltd., these pipes do not get corroded in acidic environment found in sewerage lines (Annex-4).

MAZZA A.C. Pipe manufacturers provide free After Sale Service which ensures trouble free filed hydraulic testing and commissioning of pipe line.

MAZZA A.C. Pipes are produced in automatic plant and can be delivered in large quantity quickly.

The certificate given by Bhavnagar Municipal Corporation confirms satisfactory working of MAZZA A.C. Pipes in sewer line for more than 2 years (Annex-5).

Similar certificate has been given by Nagar Nigam, Gwalior regarding satisfactory working of MAZZA A.C. Pipes in Sewerage application for over 2 years (Annex-6).

Certificate given by Jamnagar Municipal Corporation states that MAZZA A.C. Pipe line is working properly since long time (Annex-7).

Certificate given by Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation says that MAZZA A.C. Pipes are corrosion free and so have a much longer life and these pipes can be preferred over RCC Pipes in Drainage & Sewerage Projects (Annex-8).

U.P. Jal Nigam officials have visited MAZZA A.C. Pipes manufacturing unit and found that the pipes manufactured on a fully automatic plant are of good quality and can be used in Sewerage & Drainage schemes (Copy of Report enclosed –Annex-9).