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Today, we agree to embrace our responsibility to help improve the surroundings. We pledge to directly impact the Earth’s health by making environmentally responsible choices every day.

Another feather in our hat is the MAZZA A.C. Tree Guards. Abiding to the global need of a greener tomorrow, we have introduced this revolutionary green product. Our Tree Guards have been widely appreciated by prestigious bodies like DDA, SDMC, EDMC, NDMC and M.P. Forest Dept.

Since growing trees is about revitalizing the environment that would reduce the impact of global warming, it provides direct linkages with sustainable development in an entire spectrum of human activities. Staying true to our belief of conserving the environment, our Tree Guards also provide a green platform, which is a perfect display board for increasing awareness about on-going activities and achievements.

Save trees, live an active lifestyle.

These tree guards not only promote plantation of trees but also provide an innovative and creative space for commercial and public advertising. The Tree Guards can be covered with paint or vinyl sheets to improve aesthetics. Such campaigns have their own moral superiority and, therefore, the message of the advertisement becomes more and more acceptable, palatable and worthy.

Pipes are manufactured in length of 5 meters with diameters ranging from 100 mm to 1000 mm, class I, II & III. These pipes are manufactured as per IS 6908:1991.

Advantages of our mazza A.C. Tree Guards

In comparison to conventional Tree Guards made from iron, cement and bricks, our Tree Guards have a very long life as both its raw materials i.e. Cement and Asbestos fibres are inert.

Unlike the conventional Tree Guards, these are much stronger and do not get stolen as they have no resale value.

Our Tree Guards have the heat insulation property and as a result the plants inside remain protected from high temperatures.


Impact Resistance

Crack Resistance

Perfect Finish

Dimensional Stability